• School pants should be solid-color, uniform-style khaki or navy blue pants.

  • No other color or styles are permitted.

  • Solid color means no embellishments, designs or patterns

  • Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers will be cotton, cotton-blend fabric.

  • Pants should be worn at waist level; sagging is not allowed

  • Pants should be the correct size in both the waist and length.

  • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and jumpers will be knee length.

  • Students will not be allowed to wear sweatpants, leggings, yoga pants, or any pants containing spandex-type material.


  • Appropriate shoes and socks must be worn properly at all times (e.g., no house shoes, flip- flops, or sandals).

  • Shoes must be enclosed in the front and back.

ALL DAYS:  Restrictions on 

Dress and Appearance

The restrictions on dress and appearance cannot begin to incorporate all of the current fads and trends for students today. The following is a list of restrictions that can be modified as the need arises.  

  • Pants with holes or tears are prohibited.

  • Shirts may not be low-cut.

  • Shirts and pants may not have any kind of alterations or writing on them (including

  • students writing on clothing with markers).

  • Patterns are not allowed on shirts.

  • Belts are optional. If a belt is worn, oversized belt buckles are not allowed.

  • No hats or scarves are to be worn in the building.

  • No jackets, coats, hoodies, or gloves are to be worn during normal school hours. If building conditions warrant a temporary change, this will be established by the Principal.

  • All clothing should be the appropriate size.

  • undergarments should not be visible.

  • No purses, book bags, backpacks or cell phones are allowed in the classroom.  

  • All bags and cell phones are to be kept in lockers. Students may carry a pencil pouch for personal items.

  • Bandanas are prohibited.No distracting hair or accessories are allowed.

  • No rubber bands or rubber band bracelets should be worn during the school day.


The Dress Down Day Policy also applies to Honor Roll Fridays.  Administrators have final decision-making authority in the enforcement and interpretation of the dress code.


  • No clothing that is controversial, obscene may be worn

  • All tops must have sleeves and cover the shoulder and not be low cut or show the midriff area.

  • Dresses must also have a sleeve.

  • No hoodies or outwear of any kind (jackets, coats)

Shorts, skirts, tunics and dresses

  • Must be an appropriate length (no more than 5 inches above the back of the knee)

  • No skin or undergarments visible through clothing.

  • Pants: Must fit appropriately. No sagging.

  • Leggings or jeggings are not considered pants and may only be worn under appropriate length shorts, skirts, tunics or dresses.

  • Jeans or pants with holes or tears are prohibited

  • Pajamas of any kind are also prohibited


  • Same policy as listed in the Dress Guidelines



To encourage school spirit we allow students to wear jeans on Thursdays only if they wear a Conway issued top.  School sweatshirts and t-shirts can be purchased at the bookstore. Students may only wear jeans with a Conway issued t-shirt, sweatshirt, or team issued top (this includes Conway issued ¼ zips, only on Spirit days).  Jeans may not have rips or tears. Students not following the spirit day dress code will lose the privilege.  All other dress code restrictions apply on Spirit days.