Look at all the structures around you – an endless variety of homes, buildings, roads, furniture, etc. Each were created by skilled professionals who designed, planned, managed and worked to bring an idea to life. The tools, equipment and structures themselves require unique skills to maintain safe operations. These professionals work in a variety of settings, such as offices, outdoors, factories and small businesses.

Design and Pre-construction Pathway

Specialists in this pathway turn a concept into a set of plans that guide other construction professionals as they continue the building process. These plans – or blueprints – include not only the layout for the structure, but also include plans for wiring, plumbing, etc.

Construction Pathway

Employees in construction literally build our future! These are the people who build homes, buildings and schools. Others in this pathway build highways, bridges, tunnels and power plants.

Maintenance and Operations Pathway

Employees with careers keep our future growing as they assemble, install, repair and perform preventive maintenance on equipment and machines. They detect, diagnose and correct minor problems on machinery, keep buildings and structures in good repair and maintain the smooth operation of refineries, power plants, chemical plants and mills.


Are you a planner or organizer? If so, you may want to consider a career in business. A business can be defined as an organization where people work together to produce, sell or provide a service to the public. These individuals may run their own business or support others who do. You’ll find these professionals supporting all career clusters.

  • General Management Pathway
  • Business Information Management Pathway


Are you creative, analytical or have great communication skills? If so, you may want to consider a career in marketing. These professionals research the demand for a product and identify the most effective method of advertising. They are vital for every industry as they help companies sell products and/or promote a positive image.

  • Marketing Management Pathway
  • Professional Sales Pathway
  • Marketing Communications Pathway


Are you an analytical problem solver? Do you have a creative or inventive spirit? If so, you may want to consider a career in information technology. These specialists work across all areas of business and industry to provide the technology support needed to communicate with others. 

Network Systems Pathway

Specialist in this pathway design, install, maintain and manage network systems, such as those that allow multiple doctors to view the same patient’s X-rays in real-time to determine diagnosis and the best course of treatment. These experts are critical to the success of almost every organization. 

Information Support and Services Pathway

Professionals in this pathway provide technical assistance and manage information systems for a wide variety of organizations, including businesses, industries, schools and medical facilities. Their work enables employees to share information between locations and provide quality service to customers. 

Web and Digital Communications Pathway

Web and digital communication experts create, design and produce interactive multimedia products and services. Organizations of all types and sizes use digital media (the internet, DVD) to communicate with existing and potential customers, to track transactions and to collaborate with colleagues.

Programming and Software Development Pathway

Individuals in this pathway design, develop, implement and maintain computer systems and software. They are experts in computer operating systems, programming languages and software development. They work with
cutting-edge technologies to develop tomorrow’s products for use by businesses and consumers.

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