VILS iPad Get Ready
- Application/Agreement Form
- Digital Citizenship 
- iPad Receipt Signature
- iPad Care Video

VILS iPad Help
- Lost iPad
- Broken need to be repaired

VILS iPad Videos
- How to use various apps
- How to use accessibility features

RETURN your iPad
- Items included while returning iPad
- Cost of items

Conway Middle School is proud to be a part of the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools!

Right now, millions of under-resourced students here in the U.S are lacking the connectivity, technology and skills required for success in today's digital economy. Since 2012, Verizon has been working to help solve this problem through a transformative program called Verizon Innovative Learning in partnership with Digital Promise.

Verizon Innovative Learning will equip every student and teacher at our school with a device and up to a four-year data plan to empower 224/7 learning and better prepare students for success in today's digital economy. In addition to free technology and access, Verizon Innovative Learning Schools receive extensive teacher training, support, and the opportunity to engage in powerful teaching and learning that leverages technology in and out of the classroom. 


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